Shine Together

Kurnia Ciptamoda Gemilang (KCG) specializes in catering to the Indonesian retail market. By utilizing our strong teamwork and recognizing our customers’ needs, we can successfully represent and establish our partners’ brands in Indonesia. Furthermore, our strong ideals allow us to constantly overcome Indonesia’s economic challenges, whilst further stimulating the growth of the local economy through trading activities and employment opportunities.

Our Vision & Mission

KCG aims to become a premium retail enterprise through our four business focuses:

1. Financial Health

2. Best Services

3. Right Infrastructures

4. Worldwide Reputation

Our Culture

KCG’s company culture rests upon three fundamental pillars: commitment, respect and trust. Everyday we strive to cultivate a welcoming and diverse community that encourages/empowers individuals to freely communicate their ideas and contribute to the company’s growing success.

Company Milestones


Years and Still Getting Stronger

Catering to the ever-increasing demand of retail products in Indonesia since 1998 by commanding an outlook of diverse businesses.


Stores Nationwide and Growing

Answering the demand for fashionable lifestyle by providing access to world-renowned brands and optimizing the customer’s shopping experience through constantly improving services.



Constructing a dynamic and creative environment that encourages individuals to fulfill their potential and contribute to the company’s mission and vision (/company’s growth).


With 20 years of experience in the retail business, there’s no limit to your career prospects. Join us, channel your passion, be inspired, and inspire others.