Shine Together

Kurnia Ciptamoda Gemilang (KCG) has successfully catered the market of retail products in Indonesia. The company manages brands with excellent corporate governance, in addition to a strong teamwork, highlighting the importance of customers’ needs while upholding brands reputation. A strong business foundation has allowed KCG to overcome Indonesia’s economic challenges and further assisting the growth of the local economy through trading activities and employment opportunities.

Our Vision & Mission

In accomplishing the vision to become a premium retail enterprise, KCG builds its business based on the 4 Focus: Financial Health, Best Services, Right Infrastructures, and Worldwide Reputation.

Our Culture

Establishing an enterprise based on commitment, respect and trust is what KCG thrive to preserve. Cultivating an openly forthcoming community that properly accommodates individuals to deliver their expertise alludes to how KCG has maintained its extensive success.

Company Milestones


Years and Still Getting Stronger

Catering to the ever-increasing demand of retail products in Indonesia since 1998 by commanding a future outlook of branched out business in the long run


Stores Nationwide and Growing

Answering the demand for fashionable lifestyle by providing access to world-renowned brands and emphasizing on the quality of shopping experience by assuring impeccable services.



Constructing a dynamic and creative environment which supports individuals to develop their own analytical approach in leading the company’s growth that correlates with KCG’s core values.
“No company can win and maintain its success in the long run without motivated employees who believe in the mission and learn to master how to carry it out. KCG does that with dignified values to help each other and the society.”
– Founder, Kurnia Ciptamoda Gemilang.


With 20 years of experience in the retail business, there’s no limit to your career prospects. Join us, channel your passion, be inspired, and inspire others.