PT. Kurnia Ciptamoda Gemilang (est. 1998) is an Indonesian retail company that is currently piloting Charles & Keith, Pedro and EA7 Emporio Armani across 80 stores throughout the country. Our strong business foundation has helped us create a long- term plan that aims to expand the available selection of lifestyle brands in Indonesia. Our logo reflects the solid yet dynamic nature of the company, qualities we believe are integral to meeting the ever-evolving demand of the Indonesian retail market.

Our Culture

Establishing an enterprise based on commitment, respect and trust is what KCG thrive to preserve. Cultivating an openly forthcoming community that properly accommodates individuals to deliver their expertise alludes to how KCG has maintained its extensive success.
“I believe that sustainability is only achievable through good business, good values, and good culture. Here at KCG, we have a vision to be the best premium retail enterprise that caters to market demands. It is our way to empower people and contribute to the local economy. Our passion is in the retail industry and our heart is with the society.”

– Director, PT. Kurnia Ciptamoda Gemilang

Our Vision & Mission

In accomplishing the vision to become a premium retail enterprise, KCG builds its business based on the 4 Focus: Financial Health, Best Services, Right Infrastructures, and Worldwide Reputation.


KCG’s journey started in 1998 when we opened the first Charles & Keith international store in Indonesia. From there, we pioneered the distribution of two more internationally acclaimed brands in Indonesia: Pedro in 2006 and EA7 Emporio Armani in 2019. As of today, KCG is managing over 80 retail stores all over in Indonesia with plans to keep expanding our business in the future.